The Need for AppOps in the Dynamic Data Center and the Cloud

Read the latest white paper published by Bernd Harzog, virtualization and cloud performance management analyst and CEO at APM Experts.

This new category of APM solutions is focused upon the Operations staff who is responsible for supporting every application running across every operations system, no matter if the application is purchased or custom developed.

The key attributes of an AppOps focused APM solution is that it be able to measure the performance of every application in production, and that it be able to find problems in the infrastructure that the Operations team can resolve to help the applications perform up to the requirements.

“Less than 25% of conventional APM product offerings will have web-scale monitoring capabilities by 2016.“

Gartner, Building a Modern APM Architecture for the World of Web-Scale IT, Jonah Kowall, Cameron Haight, December 6, 2013.